Jan. 8th, 2011

  • 5:34 PM
This is a question a bit in advance. I am going to be doing a lot of vegetable growing this year, and our back garden is highly prone to getting lots of slugs and snails.

Now, I dont want to poison them. Especially as we get quite a lot of wild birds in the garden not to mention local cats.
I also dont actually want to kill the slimy persons (they might be annoying but its not thier fault)

Basically I need a way to trap them, so I can move them to the front garden instead (they would then need to climb over the house to get to the back garden again, hehe)

So have you any good ideas for trapping slugs and snails without hurting them, so they can be transported?  Other years I have gone rund daily and picked them up by hand, but with a job, a theatre company and a masters degree, I really will not have the time to do that this year. Please remember I am UK based so theres absolutely no point in reccomending USA brandnames to me! Instead, "how to build/ bait humane ways of catching them" is what I am looking for.

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